September 12, 2013

Strawberry Vinaigrette

I found this recipe on Canning Granny and was intrigued. So, I waited until strawberries went on sale to try this. The end result is a sweet vinaigrette with a beautiful color. This is something I'd definitely make again but would probably cut down the sugar by half or so. With all the vinegar, it should still be shelf stable (but no guarantees from me on that).

Strawberry Vinaigrette
5 quarts (25 cups) fresh whole strawberries, washed and stemmed
2 cups distilled white vinegar
2 cups white wine vinegar
Sugar (see recipe for details)

Slice strawberries, and place them in a bowl with the vinegar. Let them sit at room temperature, covered with plastic wrap, for about 24 hours.

Prepare your jars, lids and rings to sterilize them.

Strain the strawberry vinegar through a fine wire strainer. Let it drip, but it's also fine to push the berries to force out the liquid. You may end up with a few small particles, which is perfectly fine. Discard leftover strawberry pulp.

Place the strawberry vinegar in a saucepan, and add an equal amount of sugar. Bring the mixture to a boil. Remove from heat, and ladle the hot vinaigrette into half-pint jars, leaving half-inch headspace. Process in a hot water bath for 10 minutes. Makes approximately 8 half-pint jars of vinaigrette.

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