June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! I am blessed to have a wonderful husband for years who transformed instantly into an amazing father the moment our first child was born. More often than not, his patience exceeds mine. (Granted, I'm sure I use a lot of my patience working on baking projects with the help of our 21-month-old son.)

Since he's definitely a burgers and fries kind of guy, I decided to use Bakerella's idea. (Go there for instructions since she details everything perfectly.) I had seen this last year but was a bit intimidated by the project. I was wrong to be intimidated. These are extremely easy to make. You can cheat as much as you want - - make the brownies, cupcakes and frosting from scratch, use box mixes or buy them from the store. Assembling the cupcakes takes maybe 30 minutes (with the help of a 21-month-old boy) tops, so it's very do-able. You don't need fancy piping tips, either.

So, you really have no excuse as to why you wouldn't whip these up for the amazing person in your life ... unless he's a diabetic. I'll accept that excuse.

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